Custom Projects


Aside of the process of project design and wrap application, we can help you in an entirely custom project. This is not simply a design of the cut and how it should be applied. It can actually include graphic design and special cut of the wrap. It can be in a certain shape and we can wrap, for example, just some parts of your vehicle.

A custom project also includes wrap application, although it may take additional planning. Take for example a vinyl graphic which goes on the side of your car. It shouldn’t affect the windows, so it may have to be cut in a specific shape. Different shapes and designs require different approach. We will work with you to make certain that everything suits your tastes and is according to your vision.

Aside from custom graphics, people who opt for such projects often choose to wrap their car in a specific color scheme. A common one is a black all-around wrap with a white wrap just for the doors. Others wrap their cars in a similar fashion, but use different colors. You may not want custom graphics, but maybe white (or any other color) stripes on the side of your car or on your hood. This is easily done and it adds a lot to the look of the car.

Give us a call with your specific ideas and we will take care of the project together. Additional details would probably be required, depending on how specific of a design you want.