Project Design


We live in a very individualistic world and we constantly seek ways of expressing ourselves. We do it with the clothes we wear, the phone we use, the house we live in, the car we drive. But it is so interesting that even though cars act as an expression, they are a pretty faint one. Why? Because look around you – everyone sticks to traditional colors, glossy paint and an overall boring feel. You may have a great car, but so do many other people. You may have an expensive car, but others have even more expensive cars.

So what can you do about expressing yourself better by using your car? Make it unique! Car wrapping is the excellent choice here. It may serve as a great alternative to car paint, but it provides so much more flexibility and actual protection.

Our designers will careful assess the needs of your vehicle, where and how it should be wrapped more carefully, if there are any particular spots that need special care (usually around the side view mirror). Each project is designed to fit perfectly and completely cover your vehicle’s exterior.

What car wrapping essentially gives you is freedom. By choosing to wrap your car, you are actually choosing to make your car look distinctly different. The colors are virtually endless as you can pick a matte finish, a glossy one, you can opt for a chrome color or a more washed-out one. You can even decide to go more unconventional and choose leather imitation foil, carbon wrap and other interesting options.