Wrap Application

The next part of the process after the wrap is designed and cut, is to apply it. We have a skillful team of wrappers with many years of experience who will take care of this. Many people ask if the car wrap will in any way damage the car or the paint underneath. We can assure you that this won’t happen, because we use high quality materials and adhesives. If you change your mind about the wrap, you always have the option to remove it and it is an easy process. No adhesive residue will be left on the paint. The entire wrap actually acts as protection against minor scrapes, dirt and other lighter driving conditions. It will help you get a higher price if you want to sell it, because the original paint will be unscathed.

It is good to know that the whole process of wrapping is not necessarily an alternative to car paint. It can be used as one, but you have to take care of it and maintenance is required. A usual wrap lasts for up to 5 years, but all depends on the conditions in which you drive your vehicle. Wrapping the car is usually done as a temporary color change or simply as a protective measure. It is not uncommon for people to wrap leased cars in order to keep their paint in pristine condition.

Whatever your case may be, give us a call. Please note that the process starts with project design. If you have a more unconventional idea in mind, please consider a custom project.